Wicked (Instigator Remix)

by Nobody



One year after the release date we realize there was a mistake with the released file and the original one. The released one for some reason became two same previews. To appologize we are uploading the original remix file for free and we hope that there wont be any mistakes like this anymore.


Hear the drummer get wicked.
substyle of progressive techno music. typical elements are merciless repetetive pattern, harsh abrasive machine-like sound. agressive, inhuman. schranz tries to fulfill all the cliches of techno music. sometimes uses funny and/or offensive samples. became quite popular in germany in the early 21st century. also called 'geshredder' oder 'gebretter'. schranz rules!


released October 7, 2015
Nobody, Instigator



all rights reserved


Antistar Records Bulgaria

Antistar Records is a record label for the harder styles of electronic music, such as Hardtechno, Hardcore, Schranz, Industrial, Drum and Bass, Crossbreed and all that kinds of lovely experiments.
Found by Nobody, the label have the mission to show the world the better side of hard electronics.

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